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FUZZ SPOTLIGHT: TrapHippieCertified

TrapHippieCertified come to us from Austin, TX. We dive into his song 'Sauce' and talk about the collaboration process with producer goshxo :

F: Let's start with how you got into music.

T: Tbh I've always had an ear for music since I was little. I just got heavily influenced in middle school and hs once I got a chance to listen to what I wanted. But I wouldn't say I was introduced but more gravitated to music over time.

F: The 'chance'; let's dig in here. What is this 'chance' you got to listen to what you wanted?

T: jus really getting MP3 players an iPods and stuff like that and downloading songs I've never heard. I've always had the freedom to listen to whatever I want.

"Tbh I've always had an ear for music since I was little."

F: Cool!It's always interesting to hear what that turning moment is for people from listening to what they're fed when they start exploring. Sounds like technology was the culprit here!

So your song 'Sauce', loving the flute you got dancing around on the beat . Can you give us some sauce on the making of it? What's it about? What was the production process?

T: Yea technology and word of mouth/peers cause they would show me the vibes.

And if I'm being honest I found the beat then contacted the producer pretty much. He said it was cool that I could use it then I made the song at my house 🤣. I do it all from my crib at the moment.

Sauce is one of my favorites but I have a lot of chill vibes. This next album I'm coming more dark and grimey. But y'all will see when it's out.

"The past year has been a slow incline. I feel like I still need time to grow but I'm on the right path for sure."

F: Can't wait! And no shame in grabbing the beat from a producer, ass long as you got permission! We're all about collaboration (the exact purpose of the app).

So how has the past year been for you musically? Have you found yourself more creative? Has it been harder to find producers?

T: The past year have been a slow incline. I feel like I still need time to grow but I’m on the right path for sure.

And about producers it’s not very hard but I wish I could get a lot more that’s why I downloaded this app tbh. Also my homie rythekid produces beats and he slides me a pack every once in a while.

I feel like my creativeness is at 100% rn because I’m really trying to experiment/genre bend

F: Not the response you'd expect from a year defined by a pandemic. That's some inspiring stuff right there.

'A pack' Definitely putting that one in my pocket for future use.

Yes, experimentation has been a common trend during this time, which is amazing. Some really cool stuff is going to come out of all this. Lots of emotion is about to be expressed!

So you're in Austin correct? How's the scene out there? I guess pre-covid, and what's the rumbling your sensing will come about when covid restrictions are lifted? T: COVID restrictions are here but everyone is still doing there thing. As long as everyone is safe I want venues to open up. Austin has sum great music out here nice potential. Pre Covid was vibe really can’t even explain it. Covid slowed things down for sure but the vibes were still at 100%

I feel like me and the fam can take over Austin if We play our cards right yk.

F: And so it shall be! Well we’ll definitely keep an eye out for you, thanks for chatting!

"I feel like me and the fam can take over Austin if We plat our cards right yk"

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