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Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Hailing from North Carolina, Layla does us the honor of sharing her musical beginnings and aspirations. After making a connection on FUZZ, her and her bandmate, Will, are looking to keep the momentum going and hit the post-covid world full-force. Here’s our convo below:

F: What got you into playing music? Was there a moment that sticks out that sparked your interest?

L: I’ve always loved to sing my entire life but I don’t think it really hit me that I wanted to pursue music until I was 14. I was starting to listen to music on my own and I came across a lot of alternative music. My parents were going through a separation at the time so I went to music for comfort. It was the only thing that was keeping me grounded. And from then on I wanted to make music for the kids who need a little bit of sanity in their lives. F: Very cool. Music has such great therapeutic superpowers, they should do some science on that (if they haven't already). And love the pay-it-forward mentality! So your track 'Nobody's Business', what's the story there?

"[music] was the only thing that was keeping me grounded. And from then on I wanted to make music for the kids who need a little bit of sanity in their lives."

L: It’s kinda a long story haha. Sadly I grew up with a lot of childhood trauma and my family raised me with the “what goes on in the house stays in the house” mentality when I was 17 My dad came over my moms house and Long story short an argument happened. My first guitar I ever owned was smashed and It literally broke me. I was devastated At the time I didn’t know how to express my feelings and after that night My mom told me not to tell anybody cause it was “Nobody’s Business” So I grabbed my ukulele and wrote out my feelings and that how that song came to be.

F: That must have been really tough to go through. Even more so to talk about in public, so we thank you for opening up and sharing! So the Ukelele I assume is played by you, how about the other instruments. Do you have a full band?

L: So at the time I wrote the song I was still in high school and I was in a band. I was in study hall at the time and me and my guitarist went to Spanish class. Everyone knew that we were in a band so when we went to the class they wanted us to play the music that we wrote. That’s when the teacher, Jose Figuero, heard us play the song and he wanted to help us produce it cause he is a musician himself. Unfortunately in the middle of recording me and the rest of the members ended up splitting and they didn’t want their work used so we ended up leaving the project. A couple of years had passed and Jose ended up texting me saying he had found the file and he wanted to know if we could finish it. I of course said yes haha. So he is the guitar, bass, a good bit of the backup vocals, and he did all the mixing And I’m in a band now it’s me and my guitarist Will Herald. But it’s just us so that’s why we’re on [FUZZ] looking for more members. And I did play the ukulele haha.

F: *one day I will learn to spell ukulele right* Ah yes, the buried treasure recordings! Glad it finally got to see the light of day! Too many songs stay buried, really a shame... Well that’s great that you found FUZZ. Can you talk a bit about what led you here? Did Covid kind of dampen the whole musician search in person? Or were there other gaps you were noticing in the search?

" And that’s where I found FUZZ and met Will. If anything Covid helped me find musicians better."

L: Well a little after I graduated I ended up moving out of my family’s house and moving in with my partner and his family. So from 18 to 20 it was really me just trying to get back on my feet. Me and him live on our own now so I thought it was time to get back to what I love doing which was making music. I knew that from where I’m from there wasn’t going to be many people here that would play music, let alone the type I like to play. And Covid had been going on for five months at this point and I thought to myself there’s no better place than to look online right now haha. And that’s where I found FUZZ and met Will If anything Covid helped me find musicians better. Where I live there isn’t many people who play the kind of music I play so I would probably have to go virtual in order to form a band and I’ve already seen a lot of other musicians do it on Tik Tok and Instagram

F: Oh Will is another FUZZ user! Didn’t make that connection, that’s fantastic! Ya it’s cool that the digital world has opened up these connections that can go deeper than just liking posts and fomo. That band Meet Me @ the Altar formed online and now they live together as a signed band! Covid surely has helped push this dynamic forward. So what are the aspirations with your and Will’s band? Or more just focused on filling the empty spots for now?

L: Yes! Me and Will also live in two different states lol And I’m hoping we can get to the point where MM@TA is at. Well, right now me and Will are writing our first ep and we really want to get it out during the summer so that’s what we’re focused on right now. I’m hoping that we can find people (we’re still looking) and we’re open to anyone who comes our way. But we want to show the world what we have to offer and it’s different from my solo project (especially since I was a little younger when I wrote nobody’s business) and Will’s production with my writing is something I’m so stoked to show everyone. We’re really trying to get out their and we have an insta for our band and also our individual socials LOL We’re also hoping this ep will also bring more people in and want to work with us

F: Epic! Well, we’re excited to hear the new stuff and will absolutely keep an eye on your journey. Thanks for the chatting with us!

" ...we want to show the world what we have to offer. "

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