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FUZZ Spotlight: Charlene

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

LA's own Charlene is a multi-talented artist/engineer/producer. And...she is also your besit :)


"Then in 2014 is started playing piano..."

F: How did you first get involved with music? Any early memories pop out that sparked the inspiration? C: I first got involved with music when my dad began taking me to studio sessions back in 2012. I was taking guitar lessons around that time too. Then in 2014 I started playing piano. My dad has always been a main inspiration to me. Him, Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, and Sade really guided the foundation of my passion for music. F: If you don’t have ‘Smooth Operator’ as part of your foundation, you’re doing it wrong… C: 100% true

F: Actually makes total sense now listening to your track again (boombox grl). Now that’s a pop song. Short n’ sweet, great riffs; love the talk tracks too. Did you record all that yourself? Saw you’re an audio engineer. C: I did! All of those tracks from scratch by me F: Impressive! What’s that writing process look like for you? C: Thank you. It really all depends on my mood and what naturally comes to me first. I could be experiencing something great (like trying a kind of food for the first time) and randomly come up with a melody haha & sometimes someone says something that I like or maybe I say something that makes me come up with some cool lyrics But it’s all independent — I honestly love working with me more than anyone else in the world and it took a long time for me to feel this way. So the process is definitely sacred to me

"I did! All of those tracks from scratch by me."

F: What did it take for you to get there? And now that you’ve found the holy grail, how has it impacted your collaboration with others? C: A really bad breakup from a very co-dependent relationship. This newfound confidence positively impacted the way I work with others. I always want the best outcome for myself which means I want even better for others F: Epic. I’ve sometimes struggled with collaborating myself because of how sacred I held my process, so was curious how you’ve handled it. Quite well it seems! So what brings you to FUZZ? Are you looking for a band to play your songs live? Just perusing? C: Interesting :) & I’m looking to make a couple of BOMB connections and ofc sell my services F: Oh that’s right! And what would those services be? Want to advertise for us? C: Mix/master, vocals, bass & sure :) pay meee bestie F: Besties unite! Pay Charlene! C: OMG AHAHAHA SORRY TO COME OFF STRONG BUT I LOVE YOU GUYS ALREADY FOR THAT F: That’s cool that you’re taking care of business. What’s the ideal scenario for you career wise? C: I will be a Grammy award winning artist & producer F: Pshhh, easy, you got this. C: Pfft, I know :) F: Who’s killing it in the artist/producer game for you right now? C: Finneas duh that’s mainstream & The Marías & Caroline Polachek F: Well, we’re gonna keep a close eye out on your journey. Anything we can look forward to coming out soon? Or any words you want to leave us with? C: welll first of alll, we are besties. periodt, and yeah I’m releasing my super secret unreleased single titled “Peach Rings” very soon with a cute lil MV. So blast the shit out of that once I drop it F: As you wish! Can’t wait!! C: ❤️‍🔥 F: Thanks so much!! Do you have a date for that release? Or still undecided? C: undecided bc I’m working on the MV atm ssshhh :) F: Sweet, we can keep tabs on it C: ❤️‍🔥 Thank you for the feature, Fuzz Fam Why of course! Thanks for chatting, had a blast !🤗 C: Fasho!

"pay meee bestie"

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