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FUZZ Spotlight: BDX

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

City of Angels Renaissance man, BDX, has a lot to say, so no wonder we touch Chopin, Elon Musk, and Bill & Ted in the same interview. Buckle up!

"...while I was in the womb, to apparently influence me with music, and bring peace and harmony into my little unborn self"

F: How did you get started with music? Any early memories stick out?

B: Honestly, it’s my whole family’s fault. I come from this big ol’ Mediterranean family on my Moms side, where my moms named like after a Slavik opera, and she’s told me she listened to Mozart, Beethoven, and Chopin, while I was in the womb, to apparently influence me with music, and bring peace and harmony into my little unborn self... I was in the womb man!💯 so I guess I couldn’t resist. I think maybe a lot of Moms do that (?) I don’t know, but ya she’s pretty much my ‘raisin de etre’ (however you spell that)But ok!

F: Wow! Chopin from the womb, talk about an early memory! hahah So did the classical influence continue for you when you were a kid? Or what kind musical influences were going on post-womb? B: Definitely later on, I wish I had obeyed my dad and learned the dang piano way earlier 😤 it’s just hard cause you get in fights with your dad over “playing it right” or “wrong”, (and I still can’t play life “right” you know?) and then you hate it, and wanna give up. That’s a trend I think: any time I feel pressure to do anything, it quickly loses the sheer joy of doing it freely. Ya but IMHO Classical music is boss: Queen has had an effect on what I believe my music can and should do. F: Totally get that. Especially when we’re young, it’s hard to have that relationship with an instrument when it comes in the form of a chore. And just to confirm, we’re saying Queen falls under classical music? If so, I’m totally down… And then another question in the hopper to help move this along quicker: What brings you to the app? What are you looking for?

"i would love to be able to continue making my own music and performing as a profession, but i am planning on getting my teaching credentials so that i can always rely on that too."

B: Yes, In retrospect, it was just that I couldn’t see ahead of like my next bowl of cereal 🥣 at 6 or 7 y.o. to care about reading black dots on a piece of paper—I actually got pretty decent at it too amidst the torment believe it or not! 😂 Work via torment is often a way artists advance...I’m 1/2 kidding. Yaa, was thinking of how influenced by traditionally classically music Bohemian Rhapsody comes across to me. But classically, Ive loved Chopin for example: his emotions just burn into you. I think of Queen as having completed the bridge between two worlds: rock and opera. I drool. That’s innovation. Ya just quick shout out as I hopped on here to connect with quality musicians, and the beautiful people on here man....Kaycee Beats, with her own collective which ducking inspires me, and also to “RoseDecarlo” whose definitely nailed that exotic provocative vibe goin on; just found out about Mia Maden, hope she gets to find the best team for the all women band she wants, and also Ameir whose fuzz track has been on loop for a while in my head. Morg Friday, whose vocals are like so beautiful and wow Adele-level special. An Bozhek is on here, have you heard of her!? Go follow her stuff now (wait can FUZZ follow FUZZers?? Not sure 🤔 bout that), but shes gonna take over Russia yo, no lie, Skandahl track hits 🔥 The spot 😋 . Yo we rebuilding the industry, FUZZ. One real, self-sustaining, self-defining musician at a time: and it’s now. WE are the defining persons of what is Good, what is Evil, what is true, what is false. Do I have your attention?? I use to look to the view counter. @*#& that. There’s a place for it, maybe? I envision apps like Instagram like virtual global freeways You cant live on the freeway, but you can use it to drive fast, see billboards sellin you stuff, and go places. But have you felt the psychological toll that mental traffic can take? Comparatively, LA traffic is a lazy river of pleasure. Or it’s a little bit like hosting an open mic on the New York Stock Exchange—while it’s in full swing—people yelling out prices in the middle of your favorite song. *Instagram is finally releasing an update where you’ll be able to choose to hide “likes” from people, did you hear about that? Apparently nobody leaves the platform if you remove that feature after all. Spotify is also changing their economic model to payout the artists you follow instead of just pitching into the global purse, which seems more fair(?) Related to that, did you hear about the professional Violinist experiment/prank where they had a Stradivarius-shredding legend play his hits on his 1M$ violin, undercover, in a mall for hours (people usually break the BANK 🏦 just to hear him for 5 minutes in concert)? But that day no one stopped to listen. No cap only the little kids made their moms stop their frenetic shopping minds to listen. Who’s willing to become a kid again? Neurallink is coming. Don’t doubt it yo😆 *definitive drama dictators, the ones who define what is Good & Evil, new or Old, We’re not just nobodies. I mean, I wish I was a nobody, sometimes, but Im coming to grips that im not. You’re valuable. F: Damn. Lots of good bytes here….pumped on the FUZZer shoutouts. Also made me think about the likes feature on the Instagram freeway(great analogy btw). We definitely made a conscious decision to not add that feature And hearing you shoutout others artists based purely on their content, not their clout is super cool. Curious about that Spotify model, def a step in the right direction, wonder how it changes the relationship with the big labels tho🤔

So for BDX I see you’re looking for a drummer, bassist, & ‘digital creative’ Is the digital creative going to be part of the live set? Or does BDX go beyond playing music?

"It’s crazy just how much the relationships to things around you influence how you create, and what you make for the celestial music gods and other interplanetary aliens "

B: Yes, that is a great question. Music feels like finally, through new the economic rebellion that is crypto, the “Jazz” of tech (or maybe more the punk rock of tech, I don’t know 🤷‍♂️ wdyt?), as well as new ways kinds of players in the game (think FUZZ hehe) thinking through these questions differently, old musical arenas that used to be more hidden are becoming “established” in ways that only big labels could before. There will finally be a fairer more local representation of expression....this is our time to command. F: "Punk rock of tech", hanging that one on my wall. Ya, like you said, I think we're seeing these new economies that used to have high barriers . But the overall trend has been to get that power in the hands of the individual, which tech has definitely played a huge roll in moving the needle on. B: BDX is definitely right now beyond the music: we’re releasing a website and podcast very soon on crypto and music: but yea I’ve been taking time to build and make as much money as possible to drive the music dreams: you’ll see some crazy posts on my IG of me minting new Music Dollars 💵 Bills. It’s crazy just how much the relationships to things around you influence how you create, and what you make for the celestial music gods and other interplanetary aliens 🌍 is so determinative on who and what you spend your time thinking about...I think music is ultimately a social good that was designed to make beautiful (and ugly) beings connect, so My ultimate goal is to make music that connects with beings in outer space 🪐 ...I’m 1/2 kidding. Bill and Ted are up there somewhere making concerts, and that’s not fair. Thank you so much for your time in this interview, and entertaining these ideas we’ve been tossing around man, to be honest, I had a really good time ... I’d love to keep track of whatever you do in the future too F: Hell ya!! And thanks for lettering ‘er rip!

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