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Durham, NC native 7ailure has big ambitions and battle-scars to show for it. Read on as this emo-rock/rap up-and-comer let's us take a stroll into the world of his mind:

F: Hey 7ailure! Why don't you introduce yourself to our readers and tell us how you first get into music? 7: We’ll I’ve always listen to music, growing up I would listen to everything from rap to pop to emo and rock. But I knew music was different for me when I could memorize every single lyric in a song. When I had my first job I knew this life wasn’t for me. So I called one of my homies who already makes music and from that point on I’ve been making music.

"...I knew music was different for me when I could memorize every single lyric in a song."

F: I’m horrible at remembering lyrics, so I commend you in that skill. And Ya...jobs suck...hahaha. That’s awesome you had someone in your life already creating music for you collab with. How did that relationship form? 7: Yeah, it was a high school friend that I knew. Lol, I honestly don’t even remember how we met. It’s funny, because we actually lived in the same neighborhood in middle school but we never knew it until later. When we first started I didn’t have my own sound, so I’d kinda sound like him. And his sound is more like a hip hop rapper. But over time I drifted away from him significantly. Due to my influence with bands like “Never Shout Never”, “My Chemical Romance”, “Fall out boy”, and “Panic! At the disco”. But because I don’t know the inner details of music, I can’t really tell how that music is made. So the music I make is 100 percent me.

F: It's a great feeling to produce something that's 100% your own creative input. I'm Big fan of the emo influence on your track, 'Won't Forget Me'. Want to tell us about it? The recording process/what it's about?

"I didn’t record it until maybe a few weeks ago, because I didn’t wanna go through those emotions again."

7: Well the song is about a heartbreak I went through last year during the lockdown. We couldn’t see each other in person, so she ended up talking to someone else behind my back. The whole breakup thing happened within 3 days. So after the third day I started writing “Won’t Forget Me” I was actually taking OxyContin pain pills because I thought that was the only way to numb my pain. But I was at work mainly while writing the song. And because I couldn’t have my phone to write anything down. I would just freestyle lyrics in my head, and remember what sounded nice and what didn’t. The funny thing is, is that I wrote the sound in august of 2020. But I didn’t record it until maybe a few weeks ago, because I didn’t wanna go through those emotions again. F: Awh man, sorry you had to go through that. I will say though, perfect material for an emo song, and you nailed it! I like the switch-up & fade out at the end too. You did the beat too? What program did you use? 7: No I didn’t do the beat I bought it from a producer.

F: Oh gotcha, that works too! Is this a producer you have a relationship with? Or did you find it on a platform? 7: We’ve spoken a few times on Instagram but nothing more. And I found his beats on Youtube.

F: Oh nice, YouTube is so handy in ways you wouldn't expect. So what brings you to the app? Are you looking for anything specific? A certain sound? A featured rapper? 7: Yeah I’ve been using YouTube since day one. And I really wanna find some place locally and preform and find someone who’s a promoter.

F: Oh awesome. We actually love to see all types of community roles pop up on the app, because there are so many ways to get involved without needing to be an actual musician, so thanks for bringing that to light. Calling all promoters! :)

Ok a little philosophical here, what is your take on the current state of the music industry? And how is it affecting your approach to pursuing it as a career?

7: Well I enjoy the current state of the music industry. It’s one of the biggest and most diverse industries. Beyond music this industry has a lot of the biggest artists and they’ve become role models to the youth.

F: That’s a good point, we all have had that role model to help inspire us to play music, the industry has done a good job of giving us that access. What are your aspirations with your music? What’s the ideal scenario?

7: I basically wanna use music as a stepping stone to do other things. Such as creating my own film production company and write films. Along with my own record label company

F: Epic! That sounds like a tall order. How are you plan to juggle all that?

7: Lol surround myself with smarter people.

F: Lol. Spoken like a true boss. So whats the next step? Any shows coming up? Finishing an album? 7: I really wanna start performing places but I have to re-record song song to finish my 4 song ep. F: Well get to work! :) We’ll def be keeping any eye out for you. And we’re rooting for your journey!

"I basically wanna use music as a stepping stone to do other things. "

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