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Alec drops in to give us a glimpse into his brain with a flavor of Kansas you didn't know you needed. We talk on his track music setup, & outlook on the scene:

F: How did you first get into music?

A: When I turned on a radio and musics magic panties squirted into my brain hahaha

Hahaha I’m kidding I’ve always loved it so there’s no start

Wait.. I guess I was born so scratch that last part!

F: Fair enough! So how has your music developed over the last year? Has it changed through all the madness?

A: It’s changed but only because I live in an apartment now lol I can’t scream so my musics a lot more stifled these days.

Don’t get me wrong it’s still fuckin tight!! but less tight nahimsayin??

You mold to the walls you hold you know

F: I’m awritin’ that one down, that’s good... Your song was a nice surprise, wasn’t expecting a lot of the sounds that came through. Can you tell us about it? The writing/recording process? Did you collaborate with anyone on it?

"I’ve always loved [music] so there’s no start."

A: I did actually. I had a friend who had a mic setup and he recorded my vocals and my guitar. I used GarageBand on my phone for the rest. Literally all of my other music is just recorded on my phone

Shitty setup but fuck it you know

F: No man, that’s all you really need these days! There’s been grammy’s awarded on tracks recorded on a phone. Cool, so what brings you to the app, are you looking for anything in particular?

A: Lookin for a band man haha

F: Sweet! Do you have an idea for a project you’re trying to put together? Or just looking to explore at the moment?

A: I feel like I got a good grasp of what I want this all to be. I’m pretty sure it would be flippin sweet but I’m only one person. More than anything I’m lookin for people who can play well with me

People who have that same dream and won’t quit haha

"You mold to the walls you hold..."

F: Ahh yes, the magic of band chemistry. So powerful. So what’s the scene out in Kansas like? Do you see live music making a comeback out there soon? Or have you started dabbling in streaming content to make up for it?

A: Live stuffs kinda comin back in KC where I live but the great shits in the small towns outside of here hahaha

And hey if you wanna see anymore of my songs look up jcdrugly on Instagram haha sorry had to plug it

F: Small town scenes are where its at; such great energy!

And no shame in the self-promotion game, plug away! It's why we're doing the blog haha!

Well thanks for chatting with us, we'll be sure to keep an eye out on the development of your band and keep up the cool tunes!

"Literally all of my other music is just recorded on my phone"

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