• Ryan


As the FUZZ community grows, it seems worthy to establish a sense of what FUZZ is about. A manifesto if you will.

Here's what FUZZ is:





Here's what FUZZ is NOT:



-tolerant of any bs whatsoever

We set out to make a tool for an increasingly digitally dominant world. We grew up in an age of craigslist (yes digital, but...come on...) and paper flyers(remember paper?) in rehearsal spaces to find people to play music with outside our immediate friend circles. And while we feel good about this from a technical standpoint, there is still work to do. We know this.

There is one key ingredient for improving the FUZZ experience that is not in our control:



We need your help in making this a space that not only is safe, but supportive, collaborative and U-S-E-F-U-L. (Useful? Did we say that yet?)

What can you do?

Connect! Talk to other users!

"Even if they're not in my neighborhood?"

-It's 2021! People are forming bands online all the time!

"Even if they don't play the instrument you're in the market for?"

-Maybe you like their track, let em' know! Talk shop, who knows maybe they know just who you're lookin' for!

Comments, Suggestions, Bug Reports Galore!

The DMs are open, let us know if something isn't acting the way it should. Share a feature you'd like to see in the app. Over-communicate with us, there's no wrong thing to say here.

(*As long as it's about improving your app experience, in case any trolls take that one to the bank)

Protect the space!

FUZZ is a world of your brothers and sisters. If you see something that feels off, hit that report button. We simply do not have time for nonsense. Chances are, they are not in the community for the right reasons, and may be harassing your brothers and sisters. Let's build a space that makes the scammers, abusers and fakes uncomfortable. It's our world, not theirs!

"i would love to be able to continue making my own music and performing as a profession, but i am planning on getting my teaching credentials so that i can always rely on that too."

We're loving watching the community grow, but it's important to treat it with the respect it deserves, and if you don't take control of it now, it becomes a messy monster down the road.

Someone once said that communities are more like gardens than an architecture. Meaning you can't build it from the start and expect it to work, it has to be tended to, throughout its existence. And this act of care for a space you want to be a part of should be fulfilling in its own right, so it should be something we all get to benefit from.

So to those currently active in making FUZZ an enjoyable experience, we commend you!

Keep it up, for the fam!

Connect with us on FUZZ and join the fam!